Company Information

We are a software programming and development company located in Chandigarh, India.
We have over 10 years software development experience in programming using C++, Perl,PHP, ASP,, JSP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java using variety of databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Access, Oracle on various platforms like Linux,FreeBSD, Apache, Windows 98,2000, XP, 2003,Vista, Windows 7 for clients in USA,UK, Australia and all around the world. We started out as a group of freelance programmers and have established ourselves as a professional software development company during the last ten years.

Our Values
We believe in core values of High Quality, Cost Effectiveness, High Integrity and Reliable Support for all our programs. You can be rest assured that you have found a reliable partner for all your development needs.
Fanatic Customer Service
Fanatic Support We provide dedicated personalized customer support service. We offer Instant Chat for Live Support, Skype and Yahoo for IM Support and Ticket system for Email Support.
A-Z Services
A-Z Services We offer one stop shop for full range of services for your development needs so that you don't waste your time co-ordinating the work between different agencies.
Personal Support Our Support is personalized i.e you talk directly with the developer of the program and not some intermediatory person. ,
IPR Security Right from Non Disclosure Agreement to the Final Development of program, your ideas and programs and other IPR are fully protected.,
Our Commitment
Our aim is to build and maintain high quality and reliable solution for our clients since our client success is our success.